June 12, 2010
posted by Amber at 8:47 AM

6 cups Rolled Oats
2 cups Raisins/Dried Fruit
2 cups Nuts
2 cups Chocolate Chips (or peanut butter or butterscotch chips)
2 cups Sunflower Seeds or Coconut
2 cans of Low Fat Sweetened Condensed Milk

Mix all together. Spread onto 2 well greased cookies sheets (or line cookie sheets with parchment paper for easier cleanup and less fat). Press down. Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes. Bake longer if you like crunchy granola bar (we like them soft and chewy). Cut each pan into 16 or 24 pieces. These freeze really well and are great to take along for lunch. We love this recipe because it is so easy and tastes so good.

Note: Feel free to substitute the nuts, dried fruit, chips, etc. to whatever is your favorite.
Submitted by: Janelle